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Located near the French town of Sens, Revaltec was founded in 1992 by Pascal Gille and Pierre-Luc Beul. The two co-founders called on their many years of experience to design exclusive treatment processes for metal surfaces.

The Revasil (nickel silicon carbide) process is used in the restoration of high-speed sportmotors, to provide them with greater resistance to wear and friction. As for the Revalloy (nickel plating) process, it ensures excellent imperviousness to corrosion and very good wear-resistance properties.

These processes are popular with clients throughout France and Europe. The Company’s other activities include supplying spare parts and providing a number of mechanical services.

A high-energy team and high-performance machines !

- Fully automated orders processing in offices connected by a high speed Internet link.
- A 700 sq meter surface treatment workshop consisting of 2 production lines.
- A modern mechanical workshop equipped with 1 vertical and 3 horizontal honing machines.
- a team at your service, able to respond quickly to any request.

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Recent news

[2014/08/26] - cylinders Porsche blocks LOKASIL :
REVALTEC has developed an economical and innovative solution that solves the problems globally that appear on the cylinders Porsche blocks Lokasil. to contact us for information ( only for professionals of the engine rebuild.)