Sports competitions

Revaltec offers its know-how in the world of mechanical sports :

- Revasil (nickel silicon carbide), the process designed for two- and four-stroke engines as well as for F1 race cars, automobiles, motorcycles, cross-country bikes, go-carts, ultra-light motorised (ULM’s), quad bikes, jet skis, ...
- Revalloy (nickel plating), the process designed for pistons, heads, clutches, ...

Some references of customers who use these techniques: Sodemo, Mecachrome, Yamaha France, Fpe, Honda France, Gas Gas, Sherco, ...

Technical services

To complement its surface-treatment activities, Revaltec offers the following services :
- Aluminium soldering
- Relining the Revaltec way
- Reboring / Glaze breaking
- Re-rodding
- Precision glass-bead blasting

Product distribution

Chosen on the basis their quality criteria, here is a list of our partners :

Sundry supplies

In most cases, Revaltec can offer you spare parts for your motor :
- Pistons, rods, gaskets, ball-bearings, etc...
- Genuine parts
- WISECO, PROX, VERTEX and others.

For more information, please consult us.